Tina Weede

Tina Weede has an extensive background in performance improvement , recognition, research and analysis in both business-to-business and consumer marketing. She has a proven track record of delivering award-winning and successful solutions. Her vision has produced many innovative new services, which have had a lasting positive effect on the performance improvement business.

Tina’s background is in advertising where she started at J. Walter Thompson and then in 1990 she moved to USMotivation. She worked at USMotivation for more than 26 years, and served as President for the last six years. After the doors closed on February 3, 2017, Tina made the commitment to stay involved in the Industry and with research and in finding a place where she could make a difference in the lives of people. Thus the birth of Paragon Performance Group and The Paragon Performance Group Foundation.

Some of the proceeds from our profits go to two non-profit organizations, Megan’s Smile, named after Tina’s daughter, and Confetti Celebrations.

She currently serves on the Board of Trustees for The Society for Incentive Travel Excellences (Site) Foundation and is Immediate Past President for Recognition Professionals International (RPI).


Jennifer Fowler is a Human Resources and Operations professional who has 20 years of experience in employee relations, performance management, compensation analysis, training and development, recruitment and benefits management. She is a Servant Leader who is focused on the relationship between human capital, culture and the effective operations of an organization.

Jennifer first joined the industry and served as the HR Manager for USMotivation from 2004-2008. She developed a fully functional HR Department built on solid policies, processes, dedication, trust and transparency. In 2016, Jennifer returned to USM as the Vice President of HR and partnered with leadership and associates to shift the culture of the organization while establishing a new vision and core values.

Now as the COO of a woman owned, full-service performance improvement, culture engineering agency, Jennifer helps clients design strategies and solutions to Build Trust with Purpose in a Global, Social and Multi-Generational workforce. “Enhancing the Quality of People’s Lives” will continue to be the focus and vision for her future with Paragon Performance Group. Whether Paragon achieves our mission by serving clients or providing support to non-profits, it will always be about people. Jennifer is a member of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence and the Society for Human Resource Management.

BarbaraNindos Bio Pic 2016

Barbara Nindos has been an accomplished leader with over 30 years of experience in operations, sales support, marketing, internal and onsite management.

Barbara began her career at USMotivation as Director of Field Operations building a network of over 400 onsite independent Travel Directors. In 2010 Barbara assumed the role of Director of Team Development. She was responsible for the cultural alignment within teams and across departments. She assisted managers with training initiatives, process documentation, team building opportunities and culture alignment. Barbara was promoted to Vice President of Travel Operations in 2012 and responsible for providing operational leadership for all of Travel Operations.

Barbara continues to be passionate about creating an environment for businesses to generate positive engagement and a culture where each associate has a will to win, the desire to succeed and the urge to reach their full potential……thus the opening of Paragon Performance Group and Paragon Group Foundation. At Paragon Performance Group, the research and experience is focused on the workplace of the future, its generational mix, the interdependencies of its knowledgebase and how positive emotions drive corporate culture, increase productivity, community and profitability.

A portion of the Proceeds from our profits will go to two non-profit organizations, Megan’s Smile and Confetti Celebrations which Barbara has been affiliated with for fourteen years. Barbara is CRP certified and a member of the Society for Incentive Travel Excellence.